Corporate Origins

Gökkar Construction was founded in 1990 by 3 brothers (two architects and one literature graduate). First, known as Göktaş Construction, at the early stages, they started selling architectural projects and construction materials.  In 1997 Göktaş Construction was renamed as Gökkar Construction. And now from what they have learned and experienced, the company has taken a turn in project planning and management.

Gökkar Construction gives services to the sector not only in housing production; their mission is not only to build plans consisting of educational buildings and industrial facilities, or plans for hotel buildings and old restoration works, but also to create a city where all types of people can live and reside in peace. During the last decade our team have designed a variety of urban transformation projects, if required, with protection from seismic hazards or, simply, to quench the needs for a better life.


İsmail Hakan Taşçı

Born in 1961, Ismail Hakan Taşçi, graduated from Yildiz University, Faculty of Architecture, in 1988. In 1991 he completed his master’s degree from the same faculty focused on City and District planning.

He is married and a father of 3 boys and a girl.

His career started in his graduate years. Restoration and historical works of art are his interests. In first years of his career, he participated in different branches of the subject and improved himself vastly.

He likes and respects the tradition of regional mastery, material research and project positioning, while performing his practices.

Because of the fast evolution of the urbanization process, he claims that architecture should be seen as a public benefit.

He sees architecture as a high art which shapes the nature and finds all the possible functions of the object.

His professional life was built on the balance of requirements and sufficiency. The projects he is working on are distant from extremism and more focused on  human needs, modernization and functionality.

Erhan Taşçı

Born in 1962, Erhan Taşçı graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature and Geography, in 1986.

He is married and a father of 2 kids. Sincerely attached to the team he supports, Fenerbahçe, he is also a congress member of the team.  He takes great pleasure of following football, basketball and volleyball contests. Being an adventurer, his hobbies are discovering and visiting new places.

The main reason of joining the sector was his 2 brothers, being both architects. The goal he follows in the construction sector is to produce modern and economical places of residence.

Volkan Taşçı

Born in Tunceli, 1968, after graduating from Saint-Benoit French high school, Volkan Taşçı, continued his education at Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture in 1991.  Two years later he recieved his master’s degree at Ecole d’Architecture de Montpellier, in France and started his career right away.

He is married and a father of 2 kids.

He visualizes architecture as a solution for the needs of people, by constructing areas that are modern and comfortable, closely following the development and growth of the world’s projects.

Volkan Taşçı states, ‘’ What I understand from life is that you have to keep looking forward, pushing as hard as you can to reach your goal and  develop yourself. Only then, it is possible to grasp success. To succeed, you have to be passionate and disciplined. While working on my projects, I always follow this path.’’